Refill Me! – the interactive oil and gas order processing app

04/26/2012 Refill Me! – the interactive oil and gas order processing app

Implico integrates end customers in an optimized delivery process

For the first time, oil and gas companies can now offer their customers an app – "Refill Me!" This mobile application was developed by international consulting and software company Implico. "Refill Me!" is an app for the iPhone or iPad, which makes it possible for end customers of oil and gas dealers to play an active role in the delivery process by providing them with all the information they need about their current consumption. At the same time, the app enables dealers to automatically manage their resources – and improve their customer service. "Refill Me!" uses the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) from SAP AG.

"Refill Me!" gives oil and gas product customers the benefits of information and interaction. Dealers benefit from improved customer focus, optimized transport chains and increased delivery quantities. All of this has been made possible by international consulting and software company Implico, which developed the iPhone and iPad app especially for oil and gas companies and their customers. Petroleum dealers can offer the app as a service to their customers. It is a technological enhancement of the CPR (Continuous Product Replenishment) software based on the SAP all-in-one industry solution OGSD (SAP Oil & Gas Secondary Distribution). CPR calculates the consumption of each customer and lets the oil and gas dealers know the best time for the next delivery.

This is the first app that allows the end customer to become actively involved, as the information available from "Refill Me!" tells users how much of each product they have left in each tank. The consumption curve shows them when the last delivery took place and when the next one is due. Armed with this knowledge, the customer can then use the second, interactive function to place an order to be sent directly to the dealer's SAP system. The app shows the current price and arranges for delivery of the order quantity as soon as the customer confirms the order. The dealer's staff is equipped with another mobile application (also developed by Implico), which is linked to "Refill Me!" The tank truck driver's iPad provides confirmation that the order has been placed and calculates the best route from the oil or gas collection location to the customer's delivery location. The app thus enables delivery routes to be planned automatically. In short, oil and gas dealers improve their customer service while benefiting from lower transport costs and higher delivery quantities.

The development of the new "Refill Me!" app is yet another example of software specialist Implico's innovative capability. Thanks to their detailed knowledge of customer needs and many years of market and industry experience, the developers have succeeded in filling a gap in the market with the first app for end customers. The app was developed using the Sybase Unwired Platform, the SAP platform that enables developers to build mobile enterprise applications. Implico made use of this platform, but took development a step further by adding the end customer group to what was the original user group, the employees. Upon request, Implico can even customize "Refill Me!" with the oil and gas dealer's corporate design. Staff from Implico will be demonstrating the benefits of the new app at the upcoming SAPPHIRE NOW 2012 in Orlando, Florida between 14 and 16 May.

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